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What are the differences between aluminum foil bags and plastic bags?

What are the differences between aluminum foil bags and plastic bags?


The most common packaging bags for the commodities we buy every day are plastic, and there is also a kind of aluminum foil packaging bag that is also very common. So what is the difference between them and their advantages? Today Kolysen will analyze for everyone from three aspects: application range, cost, and environmental performance.

1.Application range

Plastic packaging bags are more convenient to use and have a wider range, and they have been applied to almost all walks of life. However, due to the serious pollution of white plastics in my country, they are often used in the packaging of food, daily necessities, and other substances. A certain toxic effect, so the role of aluminum foil packaging is highlighted. People can easily find its advantages in use. It brings effective protection, color, and fragrance, and can also bring very reliable effects in terms of quality.


Aluminum foil bags cost is higher, this is one of the reasons for the plastic packaging used widely, but after the measure of the performance of both, often in the packaging of food, medicine and so on types of products, will still more using aluminum foil products, safe and reliable, vacuum compression can be achieved, in the use of support is derived from various aspects.

3.Environmental performance

Products with environmentally friendly effects can often bring very reliable support and protection in their action. We cannot absolutely say that plastics themselves are more toxic, and completely safe and non-toxic plastics often cost relatively In the selection of plastic products, this aspect must be taken into consideration. In terms of environmental protection and cost-effectiveness, in some cases, aluminum foil packaging bags seem to bring more security. How to choose depends on the needs of users. Professional manufacturers have a rich variety of packaging products, making your choice easier.

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