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Marijuana & Child-Resistant Bags

Marijuana & Child-Resistant Bags


child-resistant pouch

If your product has the capacity to cause harm to children, you must ensure that the packaging is childproof and designed to be safe. Unique zippers must be installed on your child-resistant bags to protect them from being opened by children.

1. What does a child-resistant pouch mean?

Child-resistant bags are designed to make it extremely difficult for children under the age of that age to open or access dangerous amounts of contents within a reasonable amount of time. In addition, the package must be simple for the average person to use.

Childproof bags are also named as such and they are classified into two types; re-closable and non-reclosable bags both fall into this category.

We provide free samples to our customers and we can customize them according to their specifications.

Thick, food-grade material and ultra-durable, flexible construction are among the features of their proprietary lock-and-press zipper closure.

Since they can contain a multitude of dangerous and toxic materials that are not suitable for medication bottles, child-resistant bags are a godsend for parents, pharmacy owners and law enforcement.

Our child-resistant pouch designs are created by a talented and highly qualified technical team, and they are made available in a wide variety of colors, shapes as well as sizes.

Our kid-resistant bags are perfect for packaging your cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, detergents, detergents, toys, and small items.

Kolysen Hazen Plastic packaging makes every effort to provide the best child resistant bags with ISO certifications and FDA authorizations. Customers can trust that our products and bags are free of harm and toxins.

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