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How to store butter?

How to store butter?


Butter's requirements for packaging are mainly to protect its fragrance beads, organization, appearance, moisture, and color. Airtight packaging is very important to protect its fragrance from being lost and resist the pollution of external odors because butter can easily absorb foreign odors. Due to the emulsion characteristics of butter, the fat in it is particularly susceptible to oxidation and rancidity. The trace metal ions remaining on the machinery and equipment of the processing plant can also give the butter a "fishy" smell. 

Butter is usually wrapped in parchment paper, aluminum foil/sulfuric acid paper, or a laminate of aluminum foil and greaseproof paper. Parchment paper is brittle, contains more than 9% moisture, and be stored in a dust-free, clean place with a humidity of 50% to 80%. If it is too dry, the parchment paper will become brittle and will break easily during packaging. Conversely, if it is too humid, it will easily grow mold and contaminate the butter. Although parchment paper is resistant to oil, it can still transmit oxygen, and its translucency can transmit light, which easily promotes the oxidation of butter. 

The aluminum foil laminate material is still the safest way to protect the packaging for long-term storage. However, the laminate material of aluminum foil and plastic film is not ideal, because most plastic films are breathable, leading to the loss of butter flavor and poor oil resistance. It is best to use aluminum foil/paper laminate materials. Paper not only plays a role in reinforcement but also reduces the thickness of the aluminum foil. At the same time, paper can improve the process operation performance of the packaging machine machinery. European countries generally use aluminum foil/parchment laminate materials to package butter.

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