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What is kraft paper bag

What is kraft paper bag


Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, have high strength and high environmental protection and are currently one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world. 


1:  On the basis of the material can be divided into: 

a. pure kraft paper bag; 

b. kraft paper bag with aluminized (kraft paper composite aluminum foil);

c. woven bag composite kraft paper bag (generally the bag shape is large)

2: On the basis of the bag shape can be divided into: 

a.three-side sealing kraft paper bag; 

b.side organ kraft paper bag; 

c.stand up kraft paper bag;

d. kraft paper bag with zipper; 

e. stand up kraft paper bag with ziplock

3: On the basis of the bag shape can be divided into: 

a.Bag with value;

b.square bottom bag;

c.seam bottom bag; 

d.heat sealing bag; 

e. heat sealing square bottom bag

Process Description

Kraft paper bags are made of wood pulp paper. Color is divided into white kraft paper and brown kraft paper, PP material can be used on the paper with a layer of film with a waterproof effect, bag strength can be made according to customer requirements of 1-6 layers, printing and bag-making integration.

Performance parameters

Applicable type: one-time use

Shape: flat bag, square bottom open bag, square bottom valve bag, flat bottom bag (for food packaging)

Material: Polypropylene, Kraft Paper, Aluminum Foil

Filling capacity: 0.2KG-50KG

Lining: Lining paper, inner film bag

Scope of application:

Chemical raw materials, food, medical additives, building materials, supermarket shopping, clothing and others are suitable for kraft paper bag packaging industry.

Kraft paper bag is one of our mature products. We have many different sizes and bag shapes in stock. We also can customize the size and bag shape as your demand. Feel free to advise us if you have any interest to get a batch.

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