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Advantages of flat bottom bag

Advantages of flat bottom bag


Advantages of flat bottom bag type:


1. Can be printed on five sides, adequate printing surface makes the information description and pattern design of products more abundant.

2. Vertical structure, can stand on the shelves, stable standing.

3. Can be attached sealed zipper, avoid the disadvantages of the bag type of organ bags, which can not add zipper.

4. Can be attached to one-way exhaust valve, used in coffee and other related industries.


Advantages of flat bottom bag:


1. The flat bottom bag saves more than 20% of the material used in the same volume than the traditional standing bag.

2. The food stored in the packaging bag will avoid the signs of extrusion, impact, vibration and temperature difference, etc.

3. The flat bottom eight sides sealed bags contains large capacity, eight side seal design structure make it has more capacity to pack more products.

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