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Can waxed paper be used for food packaging?  

Can waxed paper be used for food packaging?  


Food wrapping paper is a kind of packaging product with pulp and paperboard as the main raw materials. It needs to meet the requirements of non-toxic, oil resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof and sealing, and meet the requirements of food packaging safety.  Food wrapping paper because of its direct contact with food, most of its packaging items are direct entry food, so the most basic requirements of food wrapping paper must meet the requirements of food hygiene, and then according to the different requirements of food wrapping paper, must also meet the relevant technical standards.  

Waxed paper is a kind of wrapping paper, which is processed by waxing the surface of base paper. Base paper is mostly made of sulfate wood pulp. Before coating, keep the base paper dry enough to ensure that the penetration of wax liquid. Wax paper coating is mostly used in the way of melting impregnation to coating. Solvent coating or trough coating can also be used or in the drying part of the paper machine or in the calendering machine coating. Decide whether to apply sizing according to the absorbability requirements of coating wax. Usually without filler, it can be dyed or waxed after printing on base paper. Then can waxed paper be used for food packaging?  

Waxed packaging paper has high moisture resistance and anti-grease infiltration performance, mainly used for a variety of food packaging (such as candy paper, bread paper, noodle paper box, biscuit paper box and packaging meat products, etc.).  There are many kinds of waxed paper, food packaging waxed paper is only one of many waxed paper category.

According to different uses,the choice of wax varies greatly among different types of wax paper. food packaging waxed paper mainly uses edible wax to process.  

Edible wax is divided into natural edible wax and artificial edible wax. Natural waxes are generally secretions of animals and plants (including beeswax, wood wax mixed with bee pollen, honey, beeswax thread, cream, red rice porridge, sugar and water). Their efficacy and texture are similar to various waxes used in daily life, but they are essentially different from waxes of other chemical products due to the characteristics of their natural products.

The main component of natural edible wax is carbohydrate, fat, organic acid. The human body can digest and absorb a small amount of natural edible wax intake, but excessive intake will cause a burden on human body detoxification and decomposition of organs such as liver, and If serious, it can affect your health.

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