Vacuum bags commonly used material analysis

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23

there are many different kinds of packaging materials and different performance, therefore, only by understanding the packaging performance, a variety of packaging materials and containers can be according to the requirements of the packaging food protection choice both can protect the food flavor and quality, and can reflect the value of goods, and make comprehensive reasonable packaging materials packaging costs. High temperature sterilization, for example, food should choose high temperature resistant packaging materials, and low temperature frozen food should choose good low temperature resistance material packaging. 【 Packaging printing 】

food vacuum packaging material properties, a direct impact on the changes of the storage life of food and taste. In vacuum packing, choose good packaging material is the key to the success of packaging.

since about vacuum packing material, it is essential to the material classification, the following is suitable for vacuum packing of the material characteristics:

a, including PE is suitable for the use of low temperature, RCPP suitable for high-temperature cooking bags;

2, PA is to increase the physical strength, durable thorn performance;

3, AL foil is to increase the blocking performance, shading;

4, PET, increase the mechanical strength and stiffness.

and then, according to the demand, all kinds of performance, there are transparent, in order to increase the blocking performance using PVA water resistant high barrier coating.

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