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PETG shrink film has unique characteristics

PETG shrink film has unique characteristics


1、 High ultimate shrinkage

PETG heat shrinkable film has the highest shrinkage rate among all shrinkable films, and its application range is much higher than that of other shrinkable films. The made shrink label has the best shrink effect that any commercial shrink film can't match, and can fit tightly and be highly contoured. The shrinkage rate of up to 80% is realized through customized configuration so that it can fit on special-shaped containers, polygonal containers and circular containers without defects after shrinkage, and even small parts such as bottleneck can be tightly wrapped. Once fitted, its superior strength and toughness can prevent the risk of bottle explosion. The strong shrinkage force can prevent the label from falling off, and keep the shrinkage rate unchanged throughout the product life cycle, so as to avoid damaging the best packaging appearance. It allows your product to shrink to a perfect fit and fit impeccable.

2、 Low natural shrinkage

Due to its low natural shrinkage at room temperature, PETG heat shrinkable film can be stored at room temperature below 25 ℃ or 77 ° F without worrying about difficult deployment or label deformation.

3、 Smooth shrinkage curve

Compared with other shrinkable films, PETG heat shrinkable film has flat and smooth shrinkage curve and low starting point temperature. It can run in the existing shrinkage channel under harsh objective conditions and high production speed.

4、 High transparency and gloss, excellent printing color

High transparency and excellent printing performance can enhance the brand recognition of bottle labels. Printing from the inside will not decolorize and damage the label due to friction, and can also be used as an overall label design integrating 360 degrees of multiple colors and high-quality printing. So that designers can give full play to the display ability of labels and strengthen the best characteristics of products. So that brand owners can improve the shelf attraction of products as a whole, so as to increase the share of the retail market. PETG shrinkable film is a shrinkable film to achieve maximum design freedom.

5、 Good environmental coordination

PETG heat shrink film is non-toxic, tasteless, low heating, and keeps unity and harmony with nature.

We Kolysen specializes in PTEG shrink film for many years and the technology is mature and stable. We can custom the film according to your demands. If needed, our existing samples are available for your quality verification after quotation. Welcome to release your inquiry if you have any interests.

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