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The use and advantages and disadvantages of kraft paper bag packaging

The use and advantages and disadvantages of kraft paper bag packaging


Kraft paper bags in the green environmental protection is more and more frequently mentioned in the packaging industry, more and more used in the market.

kraft paper bag packaging

In the "anti-plastic" wind prevailing today, the kraft paper bag is favored by more and more industries and enterprises, began to use it to replace plastic bags, shopping bags and so on for packaging products, this is because the kraft paper bag has general soft plastic packaging bags do not have the advantage.

The environmental performance of kraft paper bags is the key to its wide application. In more and more attention to green packaging industry, although there are many soft plastic packaging materials that are also non-toxic, tasteless, kraft paper also has the advantages of being pollution-free and recycling.

In addition to the environmental performance of kraft paper bag, their printing performance and processing performance is also very excellent. Kraft paper bag itself is divided into white kraft paper bag and yellow kraft paper bag, do not need full plate printing, just simple lines can be used to outline the beauty of the product pattern during printing, and the packaging effect of kraft paper bags is better than ordinary plastic packaging bags. Good printing performance greatly reduces the printing cost of kraft paper bags, as well as the cycle of packaging production. And kraft paper bag processing performance, buffering performance, anti-fall performance, stiffness and so on are better than the general plastic packaging, and the mechanical properties of kraft paper bags are good, easy to compound processing.

It can be said that kraft paper bags have gradually become the generic packaging of local specialty snacks, various snacks and leisure food. They are loved by the industries and enterprises that pay attention to green environmental protection. Besides, the good texture and feel of kraft paper bags can also promote the products of enterprises and enhance the brand image of enterprises.

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