The performance of the aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
Aluminum foil bag the performance advantages of release time: 2019 - 07 - 15 aluminum foil vacuum bag cannot be used as a food packaging independently with plastic film composite can together, this kind of packing foil is food commonly used packaging, aluminum foil food packaging bags, for one, is a high-grade packaging for the food industry, food packaging foil almost no impurities, applicable to the food, cosmetic, mechanical, electronic, lubricating oil and other industries, the aluminum foil for food packaging is a good purpose. Use aluminum foil food packaging bags advantages: mainly include the following: 1, high temperature resistant, Up to 121 degrees c) , good low temperature resistance, Fifty degrees below zero) , some used for high-temperature cooking food packaging can use the material; 2, good oil resistance and keep sweet special outstanding performance; 3, blocking performance is wonderful, cut off the air performance is strong, oxidation resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof; 4, heat sealing performance is good, soft degree is high; 5, made of aluminum foil material into the food bag for packing food avirulent insipidity, health and safety in line with national health standards. The thickness of aluminum foil material is in commonly 70 - 180 microns, can according to different purposes, the size of the packaging products made by different process, as long as the technology of aluminum foil food packaging bags have 3-side, self-reliance bag, zipper bag, self-supporting zipper bag, Yin and Yang bag etc. Different process. The previous: manufacturer to tell you about how to choose the food vacuum bag next article: food packaging bags to correctly use
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