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6 methods to extend the shelf life of food packaging!

6 methods to extend the shelf life of food packaging!


Are you bothered by the short shelf life of food?  Are you still afraid that food packaging will spoil easily?  Now here comes welfare!  Here are six ways to extend the shelf life of your food packaging!  

1: High barrier packaging bag.  

What is high barrier?  Is the packaging bag with oxygen, water vapor, ultraviolet and other external factors that may affect the quality of food has excellent isolation performance.  If your product packaging with a high barrier packaging bag, the shelf life of the product can be greatly extended.

high barrier packaging bag

2: Deoxidizer.  

Deoxidizer is a commonly used food packaging with packaging, the principle is to use deoxidizer inside the material and the oxygen in the packaging bag reaction, oxygen consumption, so as to inhibit the growth of bacteria on food.  Deoxidizer is often used with high barrier packaging bags, common in tea packaging.


3: Food preservatives.  

Food preservatives are additives that can prevent spoilage and prolong the shelf life of food caused by microorganisms.  Due to both the prevention of microbial reproduction to cause food poisoning, also known as antimicrobial.  Its main function is to inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms in food.  However, food preservatives are related to food safety, food manufacturers should be careful to use them.

food preservatives

4: Refrigerate at low temperature.  

The principle of low-temperature refrigeration is to use low-temperature environment to reduce the activity of bacteria, so as to inhibit their growth and reproduction;  In actual food preservation, the temperature of about 0℃ or a little higher is often used for refrigeration.  At such temperatures, although it is impossible to completely inhibit the growth of microorganisms, food can be kept in its original state for a considerable time.  Because it is economical, refrigeration is an excellent preservation method for certain types of food.  

Refrigerate at low temperature

5: Inflatable packaging. 

Inflatable packaging is commonly found in puffed food such as potato chips and chips, as well as food such as cakes.  Nitrogen or carbon dioxide is usually used as the filling gas.  The idea is that by filling a bag with nitrogen and carbon dioxide, the oxygen level is essentially reduced to zero, which inhibits bacterial growth and reproduction.  Another function of inflatable packaging is to make the bag expand to protect fragile packaging (such as potato chips, chips and so on).

inflatable packaging

6: External sterilization.  

The external sterilization methods are mainly ultraviolet sterilization and high-temperature cooking sterilization these two ways.  Any living creature is afraid of ultraviolet and high temperature, strong ultraviolet radiation or ultra-high temperature environment can effectively kill the bacteria in the packaging bag;  But it should be noted that ultraviolet sterilization requires that the packaging bag should have good light transmission, And high temperature cooking sterilization requires the packaging bag to have high-temperature cooking performance.

external sterilization

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