Proofing to plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Bags custom do a lot of customers, in order to guarantee product quality, the prophase choose proofing to confirm the printing effect and size are appropriate. But which will produce some of the losses and expenses, and often the cost is borne by the client side to. In fact this part of the cost can be avoided. According to the purpose, the plastic packaging proofing can be subdivided into two kinds: one is to look at the effect, 2 it is to see the printing quality. A, see the actual effect; On the new product packaging we sometimes difficult to confirm the size of the plastic bags are appropriate, so you need to proofing to see the actual effect, this can be done manually by playing kind of way. Play the manual sample, manufacturers are provided free of charge. Manual sample size and printing are very close to the big goods, because our main purpose is to look at the effect, so negligible thickness and bearing problem. Second, the print quality; See the printing quality, its purpose is to inspect the manufacturer of the product quality, actually by proofing inspects the printing quality of the manufacturer, this is not accurate, because when proofing packaging manufacturer will usually choose stock material to do, and kaifeng had the performance of the inventory of material and the performance of the new material is difference. In order to comprehensive investigation factory product quality, can contact packaging manufacturer to send some samples over, these and other Samples & throughout; Is part of the big goods, not do for samples & other; Samples & throughout; 。 So you can rest assured of the sample for reference. What we worry about the brightness of the photo, can pass the colours on the sample bag, international general pantone color number, the color of the display to color, the former two ways generally recommended, or to the packaging manufacturers in the field of color. On the big goods all out before you can talk with contact, send a part of the finished product sample confirmation. So you can turn away early complex proofing process, as well as the costs of proofing.
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