How to identify good packaging printing

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Food is a necessity in people's lives, this requires that the packaging design should not only can reflect characteristics of food, but also to locate consumer groups have a deep understanding and accurate grasp. Food packaging design to be concise and vivid, on the one hand has strong visual sense of form and high artistic quality, easy to recognize and remember, on the other hand to recapitulate highly, in line with the industry characteristics, have contemporary feeling, accord with the trend of The Times, has a future, a kind of feeling, so as to attract consumers, and ultimately make consumer generation buys desire, so the vacuum bags pay attention to the following:' Packaging printing 】 1: protect the food and prolong the shelf life of food itself has certain nutrients and moisture, the bacteria, mould and yeast such as the basic condition of production and breeding, when the temperature of food preservation is suitable for them to breed, food deterioration. If food using aseptic packaging or packaging after high temperature sterilization, cold storage, such as processing, will prevent the occurrence of food corruption, prolong the shelf life of food. 2: add some convenience foods, convenient food varieties in the consumer with a local flavor, it will only be processed after packaging circulation. Communicate across the famous food, increase the People's Daily food types. 3. Prevent contamination of food convenient cooking food, the use of special packaging food in circulation, packaging bags and hand touching, easy to make the food contamination, after packing, the food can avoid the happening of this kind of phenomenon, is beneficial to the health of consumers.
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