Vacuum packaging is important to note when using!

by:Kolysen     2020-06-25
About food vacuum bag attention when using points as follows: don't let the sharp blowing, operation is the best in bed or in clean the table, if stored items has the hard objects such as buttons, zippers, please fold in the inside, add the storage bag. Clothes, quilts and other items should be on the bag, at least 3 - to seal zipper 5 cm, not forced into the big items. To guaranteeing the sealing zipper part of health, when we have fiber, into the dust, will decline sealing function, advocate using gauze swab clean again after touching water closed zipper. When using the pump screw pump helix interface, bag before and after the inflatable should pay attention to. Hold onto the bleeding point of red rubber gasket, guarantee the interface does not leak, a large bag usually demand extraction of 3 to 5 minutes, it's about three, five hundred will be significant under the flat surface. After pumping well, please check the sealing again, guarantee the seal. 【 Food packing.
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