The thickness of food packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Bags are thickness, and not optional provisions, are generally according to customer needs and product features, set all kinds of material from inner to outer membrane, and composite packaging materials, special packaging and food packing bag is used for packing food, a lot of snacks and deli can use it to packing, for the packing bag of this kind of demand in the market is very big also, for its quality and have high requirements, because it's about the people's food safety problems, must be qualified and cannot affect the food quality, otherwise the food packaging is not qualified. So food packaging should follow the principle of a basic when production, is its thickness shoulds not be too thick; First it visually divided into transparent bags and opaque packaging bags, packaging bag is from outside can see the inside of the food, without packaging bag is from the outside can't see the inside of the food. Production should pay attention to the thickness of the bags is appropriate, also is not too thick nor too thin, too thin the packing bag of the protective effect of no packing, encountered some tearing force could easily damaged, and if too thin coated with oil inside the packing bag of food, the oil will pass inside permeate outside, this is to affect the quality of it. Beyond that is too thin, food sack greatly influenced by the environment, under the sun of the sun and the rain soaked easy to decompose, it alternated to strict control; Too thick bags also has many disadvantages, too thick bags are more likely to affect the shelf life of food, that is to say, it can make food for a shorter time, any food shelf life, but this kind of bags will make the actual shelf life and is not in conformity with the quality of the food. In addition the packing bag of too thick for environmental damage is very big, discard it after many years in the outside also does not decay lift off, and this country's offer to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, does not belong to the state support of environmental protection product. In addition to the above two points too thick the packing bag of sealed relatively trouble, many too thick bag sealing effect is not particularly good, cracking easily happen, and that our packaging is not very accord with the original.
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