The characteristics of the vacuum packing bag and the applicable scope

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Vacuum packaging and vacuum packaging is usually used to protect the food of the market. In order to save food, in addition to control external temperature and sterile, more important is to control the food appropriate gas environment, choose appropriate packaging materials, packaging manufacturers can reach the ideal purpose. The characteristics of food vacuum bag manufacturer production are: ( 1) For meat food, vacuum packaging can remove oxygen, which can inhibit the growth of mold development & emsp; Aerobic bacteria, inhibit the oxidation of the lipid compounds, control of food spoilage, to save & emsp; The purpose of. Carbon dioxide, oxygen can be converted to the accumulation of carbon dioxide can inhibit proliferation of pseudomonas, have the effect of fresh beef. ( 2) In terms of its, vacuum packaging to reduce oxygen content in the bag, and through anaerobic respiration produces carbon dioxide, at the same time maintain a certain humidity. The low oxygen & emsp; High carbon dioxide & emsp; High humidity environment can effectively reduce the fruit thinning. Transpiration, reduce preservation effect, reduce ethylene yield and nutrient consumption, finally achieve the purpose of preservation; ( 3) In addition, for other food, vacuum packaging can reduce the evaporation of water, and control the enrichment & emsp due to food water loss; ; ( 4) Apart from the above function, vacuum packing also have resistance to mechanical stress, vibration, long-distance transportation, etc. Therefore, it can more effectively keep food original color & emsp; Sweet & emsp; Taste & emsp; The shape and nutritional value. Main applications: (food vacuum bag manufacturers 1) Salted: sausage & emsp; Sausage and some pickled vegetables, such as mustard & emsp; Dried radish slices & emsp; Kimchi, etc. ; ( 2) Meat: beef & emsp; Mutton & emsp; Pork, etc. ( 3) Soy products: dried bean curd & emsp; Bean paste and so on; ( 4) Cooked food products: dried beef & emsp; Grilled chicken, etc. ; ( 5) Convenience food: rice & emsp; Canned vegetables & emsp; ; ( 6) Fruits and vegetables; ( 7) Besides the above food, vacuum packaging is also applicable to the pharmaceutical products, chemical raw materials, metal products, electronics, textiles, medical supplies and cultural relics. Vacuum packing and cooling fast freezing physical methods, such as the better preservation effect. Vacuum packing is not suitable for food packaging and preservation of fragile and brittle and sharp prick and soft plastic bags and the deformable food.
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