Teach you how to choose the food vacuum bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
Teach you how to choose the food vacuum bag release date: 2019 - 08 - 28 vacuum food packaging bags we can be seen everywhere in life, and its has vacuum bag in material selection and the use of color, packaging small make up today about the vacuum bag packing of explain for everybody should be how to choose. 1: the vacuum bag is divided into single layer and multilayer ordinary vacuum bag for single-layer PE material, this bag can pumping air into vacuum state, but the breakage of vacuum and air leakage rate is high, but the cost is low, there are a number of customers in order to save costs choose single-layer PE bags used as vacuum bag. Good vacuum bag is multilayer composite materials, such as: nylon/PE, this is the second compound bag, the bag, vacuum will not leak, at present most of the food packaging bags with multilayer compound bag as a vacuum bag. 2: the choice of material thickness and special properties of different food should choose different thickness and different properties of vacuum bag material, the product of a heavy will choose thick material, with the choice of the thin light products material cost savings. Of course thick material cost is higher and higher, but will also be more strong. Different foods have different properties, such as: main salt baked food oily choose the oil resistant materials, pickled food of high salt to select material, need after high temperature sterilization or high temperature cooking products should choose high temperature resistant material. At the time of making bags must be told packaging manufacturers, pack what products, products have any special requirements, etc. , only to understand the details of the specific to customize the most conforms to the packing bag of products to avoid problems in the process of use. A: on vacuum packaging can be how to protect the product? Next article: frozen vacuum bag and what is the difference between frozen vacuum bags
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