Packaging printing - The color ink deployment of attention point

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
In the ink color in the process we need to do what? 【 Packaging printing 】 1, color proximity; When to use several kinds of color ink color, should choose color as far as possible close to finalize the design is given priority to to allocate the color ink printing ink. 2, the principle of similar color; Color matching process, choose a variety of similar printing ink, because the more varieties of color ink, decolorization rate is higher, can reduce the lightness, saturation of color ink. So to be able to use a common color match, don't use two color. Can use two common color match, don't use three common color for deployment. As far as possible choose less ink to deployment. 3, the consistency of printing ink; Should choose as far as possible in the color ink color ink factory production of the same type of ink, finalize the ink color saturation than with two ink color and high color saturation. Between different manufacturers, different types, different brand ink cannot mix, otherwise it will affect the printing gloss, after mixed layer printing fastness, even may cause ink Cheng Jiao frosting. 4, pay attention to the ink and the packaging materials in common; Plastic packaging printing, in order to get light ink and remained ink viscosity in need of should as far as possible to use thinner, not can be diluted with a thinner. Too much thinner, the drying effect should be increased.
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