Packaging manufacturer to tell you what food bag method

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
With the continuous development of economy, industry, they wish to actual demand is increasing, especially in our daily life, often can see somebody with food steaming Fried foods, such as Fried cakes, Fried dough sticks, very convenient. But, also can have harm to people's health food bag out, so, pay attention to, for identifying the toxic and non-toxic food bag. Generally made of polyethylene PE PP polypropylene, used for food packaging. Almost all used in plastic resin. Resin is the main ingredient in plastic, adhesive role, other plastic components can be consolidated into a whole. Although to join all kinds of additives can change the nature of the plastic, resin is decided to plastic type, performance and use of the underlying factors. The detection of plastic bags can use the following method to test the toxic and nontoxic plastic bags. 1, senses: non-toxic plastic bags is milk white, translucent, or has no color transparent, flexible, feel lubrication, surface is like wax; Toxic plastic color is cloudy or pale yellow, feel sticky, hair acerbity. 2, water: put plastic bags in the water, and in the underwater, non-toxic plastic proportion is small, can be surfaced, toxic plastic bags than major, sinking. 3, fire, non-toxic polyethylene plastic bag flammable, flame is blue, the upper yellow, burning like a candle tears dripping, paraffin wax, less smoke, toxic PVC plastic bags non-flammable, away from the fire that is quenched, flame, yellow, green, at the bottom of the softening can wire drawing, have the irritating smell of hydrochloric acid. 4, the sense of smell: reworked material plastic bag has a terrible smell. 5, jitter, forcibly seize plastic bags end with the hand shake, a ringing sound non-toxic; Sounds boring shibuya is toxic
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