Beware of hidden food wrappers 'poison' seventy percent samples contain carcinogenic fluorspar

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Most people are concerned about whether the food hygiene, often ignored the food packaging is safe. With the school, the school food stand, fast-food restaurants around hilarious, disposable packaging & packing of other Family & throughout; , the use of paper bowl, paper bag is becoming more common, about nearly half of the shops with paper. It will be like & other; Poison boxes & throughout; The same can contaminate food? Someone reported that 5 medium schools from four urban collected 10 food packaging sample, to the northeast forestry university, institute of materials science and engineering testing, seventy percent samples were found to contain fluorescent whitening agent may make the person causes cancer. For packaging safety concerns: 1, the paper more white more clean? In some schools found near - ubiquitous, fast-food restaurant disposable paper bowl, paper barrels, paper boxes, this kind of paper products have in common is very white, even a bit dazzling. According to industry insiders, some operators more attention from the daowai district south street food supplies custom this paper bag, paper cups and so on the disposable products on the market, because food wrappers than accord with environmental protection biodegradable plastic boxes cost is much lower. Outside the school gate a lot - in this paper, students have many take-out is bottled food, paper bowl, paper & other; Don't think what & throughout; , she said paper is white, the feeling is more health. Many people think that food wrapping paper, of course, is & other; More white more clean & throughout; , is it true? 2, sampling and testing results of seventy percent samples containing fluorescent whitening agent in pulp and paper laboratory, experimental staff 10 samples respectively, through & other; White color tester & throughout; For testing, each sample choosing different paper testing at least two times, the comprehensive analysis of the experimental data are obtained. Northeast forestry university &paper wen-bo liu said the teacher, tests revealed the fluorescent value greater than 1, means that samples containing fluorescent whitening agent, its whiteness improved because of using the fluorescent whitening agent. Fluorescence degree of numerical value shows that the greater the paper contains the more harmful substances. Wrapping paper, for example, fluorescence value of up to 10 or so, as with office paper packaging food. 1. Food wrappers to disable the fluorescent whitening agent wen-bo liu teacher tells a reporter, & other; National standard & throughout; Make clear a regulation, in food packaging paper to disable the fluorescent whitening agent, must use the original pure wood pulp as raw material, this kind of food grade paper whiteness is the natural. Wen-bo liu said, fluorescent whitening agent has two main sources: one is the artificial add, 2 it is recycled paper itself. General system of small mill do not have in the production of food grade paper qualification, driven by the interests of using recycled waste paper as raw materials, by adding the fluorescent whitening agent and so on to cover up the waste paper printing ink stains, make its & other Bleaching & throughout; Looks like a good paper. 2. High temperature Fried food are more likely to absorb & other Agents throughout the &; The expert points out, fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of & other; Chemicals & throughout; , it contains many toxic benzene ring material, packaging materials and food containing fluorescent whitening agent after contact, the higher the temperature, will accelerate its migration to the food, when the fat soluble fluorescent whitening agent contact with grease food increases the migration amount, oral intake of fluorescent whitening agent, not easy to be broken down in the body, long-term intake will accumulate in the liver toxicity, potentially carcinogenic factors. At the same time, the blood, nerve, the hazards and the immune system.
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