The process flow of vacuum bag!

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
General vacuum bag production success requires planning, design, printing, composite, curing, cutting, bag making, finished these steps. 1. Plan: is in the production of vacuum bag before a detailed plan, want to consider the characteristics of production of the vacuum bag packaging food packaging bags, functional features, the size of the logo design and color, etc. 2. Design: design packaging design according to requirements of the project, such as text, size, function and process; 3. Printing: text, pattern, photographs, etc. The original plate making, ink, pressure, etc, make the ink is transferred to choose good packaging materials on the surface, bulk copy original content; 4. Composite: through dry type composite compound with a variety of materials, the compound of packing materials with the characteristics of a variety of materials; 5. Cure: the compound packing materials in curing chamber, through curing is the main agent and curing agent under the condition of a certain time and fully reflect, achieve the best effect of compound; 6. Cutting: the composite good packaging materials according to the actual need of separate cutting; 7. Bag making, cutting and good packaging material in the packaging bag making machine made to need; 8. Product inspection: check production bags do you have any quality or other issues; 9. The packing bag of finished products through strict inspection, quality qualified. 【 Aluminum foil bag]
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