The performance of paper-plastic packaging is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Paper-plastic packaging performance introduced release date: 2019 07 - 08 at our side, packaging equipment has a very wide range of use, we use at ordinary times is one of the most plastic bags, but the use of plastic bags, caused great pollution to the environment, nowadays, the emergence of paper-plastic bag, bring people a lot of help, let us first to get to know about its performance. Paper-plastic packaging materials is mainly suitable for pressure steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization, low temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization. The period of validity of sterilization items stored, the performance and quality of packaging materials, sealing the rigor, the quality of sterilization, storage conditions, the mode of transportation, touching frequency and other factors. Double cloth and open rigid container, the bacteria barrier co. , LTD. , under the condition of 25 ℃ 10 ~ 14 d, damp and rainy season time shorter. Paper-plastic packaging materials, bacteria barrier durability, to the storage life can be up to six months. Disinfection supply center spare items, variety, quantity is big, but use frequency is very low in some packages ( Such as tracheotomy bales, tracheotomy, vein incision, etc. ) Frequent, often by short validity sterilization. Paper-plastic packaging materials not only extend the, ensure the quality of the sterile package and the safety of clinical use, and greatly reduces the sterilization items especially cloth breakage, rubber adhesion and metal items rust etc. The incidence of loss, prolong the service life of the item. A: anti-static aluminum foil bag, to you have the characteristics of the next article: introduce the development course of packaging bags
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