Tell you why choose the PVC bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
PVC bag is widely used as clothing bags, hardware packaging bags, cosmetic bags, stationery bags, craft jewelry packaging bags and other packaging. Many high-end products manufacturers will choose PVC plastic bags to packaging, beauty products, improve product grade, but price is OPP bag/PE bags, etc. PVC bag production and processing methods are usually high frequency hot pressing or thread for sewing. High-frequency hot pressing PVC bag, PVC film after blanking points sliced, need printing screen printing first, then by high-frequency hot pressing machine, general need to custom-made copper production. Hot-pressing PVC bag can be compressed into PVC sleeve bag, PVC bag, embedding PVC without teeth zipper bag, PVC bag, PVC valve bag, etc. Various styles. Sewing materials PVC bag printing, with flat car directly or high car such as sewing thread for sewing machine. PVC is PVC, the main ingredients for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), in addition to join other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility, etc. It is popular in the world today is very popular, and also a kind of widely used synthetic material. Its second in global usage in a variety of synthetic materials. According to statistics, in 1995, a year only PVC production in Europe by five million tons, and its consumption of five million three hundred thousand tons.
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