Teddy is not willing to eat dog food? Dog food bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Buy dog food, teddy dog refused to eat, and that in which the owner feels helpless, is there a way to let teddy Ken eat dog food? Today, small make up and introduce several methods, hope to help friends by confusion now. First, don't feed the snack temptation, don't eat pulled down without experience of parents are faced with teddy doesn't eat dog food, always trying to let it eat, take out snacks lure dogs, the result can only spoil the dogs, it will more hard master. So the first is to eat don't pull down. Second, MAG sheep milk powder mix of dog food to buy dog food not to the taste of the dog, can not eat, if is like this, can mix some MAG sheep milk powder to eat the dog food, dog showed no resistance to the temptation of powdered milk is commonly, on the one hand can increase the dog's nutrition, and can promote the appetite of the dog. Third, recuperate intestines and stomach, eat joss-stick does not exclude the dog because of gastrointestinal problems and picky anorexia, for this type of dog, it needs to recuperate intestines and stomach to feed dry dog food. Might as well give the dog dog eat millet gruel, after all easy to digest liquid foods such as bread, steamed bread, and a day to eat dog valley probiotics, every day a small bag, regulate intestinal flora, promote teddy's appetite. After teddy intestines and stomach to restore good, eat dry dog food again. Fourth, the parasites in the body affect the appetite of the infected with the parasite dog became thinner, also may be accompanied by vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite and other digestive discomfort phenomenon, in addition some parasites may lead to fever, cough, itchy skin and fur lackluster phenomena. In general, the dog dog big can drive bug for two months, 3 months insect repellent, 2, 3 times a year, generally we like to give the dog eat thanks to spoil insecticide in the body, must be in accordance with the prescribed dosage, but remember that otherwise could not reach the ideal effect of insecticide or overdose has caused many problems. Above is more common method, but need to parents, in accordance with the actual conditions of a picky dog to choose targeted treatment, can't blind choose otherwise will cause serious consequences. Teddy is sick or upset also can appear picky, then you need to master more care.
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