Red jujube packaging general preservation methods

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29

red dates, also known as big jujube, grow in China has a long history, since the ancient times are listed as & other; Five fruit & throughout; One, & other; Natural vitamin pill & throughout; The reputation. Jujube contains protein, fat, sugars, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin P, trace calcium, rich amino acids and other nutrients, therefore widely loved by the people. 【 Red packet 】

1。 Red jujube quality problems often appear

red jujube as a kind of high value food, its products and processing products is more and more widely penetrated into People's Daily life, but the red jujube is very easy to appear the following questions:

( 1) Oxidative rancidity, color: red jujube contains rich protein and fat, and its processed products in the processing and storage of circulation period susceptible to oxidative rancidity aerobic conditions, results in the decrease of nutritional value; Which are rich in vitamin content are also prone to oxidation, appearance of bright red by would become bleak.

( 2) Aroma and flavor loss: red jujube aroma substance found in a large part of the easy oxidation of organic matter, oxidizing reaction in the presence of oxygen, composition change make originally the aroma is lost, and gradually produce peculiar smell; Red jujube water itself at the same time also gradually lost, causing dry jujube meat, taste.

( 3) Microorganism growth: red jujube rich nutrition, moisture content is higher, easy to breed microorganisms, cause mould or bug eat by moth, a great harm to human health.

2。 Red jujube in the general packaging preservation method

red jujube basic harvest in September of the year or so, after the raw material selection & rarr; Grading & rarr; Heat & rarr; Dry & rarr; Soft, most classification packaging into super circulation. Adopts the way of packing usually have a common packaging, vacuum packaging and deoxidizer anaerobic packaging. Jujube products circulation period basic in 12 months or so, common packing red jujube in the production of 3 ~ 5 months after began to appear dark, aroma loss, even has the mildew, bug eat by moth, can only have vacuum packaging process of oxidation deterioration slowed, the nutritional value of red jujube after December is running out, these two kinds of packing method of oxygen can continuously through the bags into the bag, red jujube the nutrients in oxidation, and loss of flavor, microbial breeding, product quality deterioration, can not fundamentally solve the problem, and deoxidizer anaerobic packaging to solve these problems.

3。 Effect of preservation of deoxidizer packaging on red

deoxidizer and oxygen agent, deoxidizer, free oxygen absorber, deacidifying agent, can be at room temperature oxidizing reaction with free oxygen and dissolved oxygen, deoxidizer active substances react with oxygen, so as to absorb oxygen in the airtight food packaging bags, bag oxygen concentrations below zero. Below 3%, and maintain a period of relatively anaerobic condition. Under anaerobic conditions that can prevent the pests, restrain the growth of aerobic microorganisms such as mold, prevent oil oxidation, and prevent the oxidation of nutrients and food oxidation discoloration, keep the food fresh.

use deoxidizer has the following advantages: ( 1) Not directly added to the food, do not affect food security; ( 2) Does not affect the food flavor, applicable range is extensive; ( 3) Products with high security and does not have a harm to human body by eating; ( 4) Easy to use, low price.

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