Plastic bags plate-making requirements - Packaging printing

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Plate is indispensable to all kinds of color printing compound bag printing before the procedure, is the original copy into the plate. The most influencing factors on the quality of the plate in the plate making, mainly include the developer concentration, temperature and developing time and developing solution circulating mixing situation, the developer of the fatigue degree of recession. If the improper operation, often cause plate blank, such as network loss and image fuzzy fault. 【 Packaging printing 】 ( A) Small branches, small, fine lines wash off three reasons: back exposure time is not enough, want to consider to add back exposure time; The main exposure time is insufficient, can increase the exposure time; Color printing packaging version washing time is too long or brush pressure, attention should be paid to shorten the wash version time and adjust the pressure of the brush; ( 2) The same piece of plate washing version of depth inconsistent reason is: too hot plate burning machine, carefully check whether the ventilation and cooling system failure; Plate burning lamp intensity uneven or open out of sync, replace all tubes at the same time; Wash version of the brush is not parallel or imbalance, wash brush pressure can be adjusted and levelness. ( 3) Field, text plate after moving with the bending rupture failure causes are: the main exposure and back exposure time is too long, can reduce the exposure and back exposure time; In addition to the sticking time is too long, except the sticky time; The main exposure and back underexposure, check whether the tube is damaged or aging; ( 4) When printing small network loss for two reasons: the main or underexposure, can increase the exposure time exposure or back; The original design is beyond the scope of the flexo reappearance ability, improvement of the original design, make it suitable for color printing packaging flexo printing technology; ( 5) Of the plate blank congestion reasons are: back exposure time is too long, should pay attention to the correct control back exposure time; The main overexposed, small in guarantee reproduce color printing packaging, fine lines under the premise of as far as possible to shorten the time of the main exposure; Plate and film bad contact, should guarantee the normal work of the vacuum system, and roll away the air between the plate and film; ( 6) Fine line is bent at wavy five reasons: back underexposure, to increase the exposure time back; The main underexposure, to increase the exposure time; Drying time is not enough, to increase the drying time; Wash version of the water is not fresh, replace fresh water washing version; Wash version of the time is too long, adjust wash version of the time; ( 7) Plate not completely hardened at the bottom of the main reasons are: back underexposure, add back exposure time; Washing is not complete, there are residual no hardening resin retained, check brush pressure and adjust color printing packaging wash version of the time; ( Eight) Part image blurred must pay attention to two points: the film has a defect, check carefully whether the film color printing packaging image clear; Wrong to use offset printing film flexo, to produce qualified flexo printing film.
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