Food safety environmental protection bags worth attention

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Food packaging is refers to the direct contact with food, used for holding and protecting the membrane food containers, food packaging industry, in particular, it can not only extend the shelf life of food, can resolve the food health security problem, became the food industry depend on the products, in addition to food can also used in medicine, food and other industries of large scale, so the packaging application space is extremely broad, market prospect is very good. But for food packaging usually in direct contact with food, especially in the food packaging bags, so is the most important thing for food packaging safety environmental protection. According to the relevant provisions of the state food packaging must need to meet the following conditions: 1, appearance can not have bubbles on the use of hindrance, perforation, water lines, critical reinforcement, plasticizing, fisheye frozen block to prevent disease. 2, specification, width, length, thickness deviation are due within a prescribed scope. 3, physical and mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation at break, is it reflect product in use process along with the ability to stretch, if this is unqualified, in use process food sack prone to rupture, damage phenomenon. 4, for fresh fruit and vegetable food packaging requirements have good respiratory function, in order to achieve the purpose of keeping fresh. 5, which is one of the most important element in food packing bags. We chose food packaging is to better protect the food from the external environment pollution, barrier property requirement is decided by the food itself characteristic, its characteristics are external, internal block or selective blocking and so on. Block material are air, water, oil, light, microorganism and so on. 6, the surface in the process of food of stacking, transportation, handling various destructive power of resistance to the outside world, such as pressure, impact and vibration, etc. , don't jerry-built projects. At present our country the packing bag of technology compared with the developed countries still have certain gap, the first technology is not mature, the corresponding production equipment still use the traditional old equipment, the automatic change of mass production is a distance, so in this for the broad market prospect, we should develop production technology, improve production equipment, increase the product technological innovation, with quick steps of realizing automatic and intelligent production, increase productivity and product quality.
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