Food plastic bags in the market one of the most popular five trends

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
In the past year, the plastic packaging industry has a lot of bright spots worthy of attention: plastic bag lightweight processes continue to push forward, the great achievements; Functional plastic packaging emerged, some high separation, boiling resistance, oxidation resistance, functional plastic food packaging get rapid popularization; Bio-based plastic packaging is no longer far-fetched, & quot; Much cry and little wool & quot; The situation reversed; Mold labeling packaging back alive, in plastic packaging market set off a small climax; Convenience become an important part of the packaging, more and more enterprises convenience for packing more interested & hellip; … 1, lightweight lightweight packaging is a commonly used industry vocabulary, the current is used to describe by using less material production, packaging for the practice of weight loss. Plastic packaging more and more favor lightweight materials, lightweight packaging and need to keep the original packaging performance and functionality, the lightweight packaging materials production technology is a major test. Actually, packaging lightweight access to most of the enterprises to actively response is not only the cause of environmental protection, but also because of packaging lightweight can let enterprise use less packaging material, save a lot of cost directly. 2, functional thin film future of functional thin film is a new technology developing packaging is one of the most wide application field. High barrier property, resistance to high temperature cooking, resistant to low temperature freezing, active packaging, heat shrinkable film, baking and antimicrobial properties such as plastic packaging film has become a hot market development. Especially in the case of barrier property, due to the high barrier property of film has excellent blocking performance, to the food quality, fresh, and extend the life of the goods. 3, bio-based plastics as is known to all, oil is non-renewable scarce resources, oil reserves unbalanced and the developed countries for the predatory exploitation, be a important factor of volatile situation in the world. Therefore, the development of biodegradable materials, reduce petrochemical resources consumption, has gradually become the consensus of the countries all over the world especially in developed countries. In recent years, the related technology is developing very rapidly, more and more biological plastics in packaging field. Bio-based plastics for the sustainable development of the plastic packaging market has brought a new dawn, although account for only a small part of biodegradable packaging, but the future biological base of plastic packaging market share will continue to grow. 4, mould labeling packaging mould labeling technology introduced into China as early as more than a decade ago has plastic packaging market, but due to various factors, it then have not been able to achieve the development of the breakthrough. The good news is that in the past two years were & quot; The ice & quot; Covering domestic mould labeling packaging for many years the market began to perk up, raised one in plastic packaging market small climax. Especially in the field of FMCG packaging, under the pressure of rising labor costs, market investigation and adopt a mould number labeling packaging technology of FMCG companies have not in the minority. 5, convenience packaging today, with the improvement of living standards and the accelerating pace of social and increasing consumer demand for the packing, in order to impel the innovation and development of packaging on the convenience. To sealing zipper, holding the screw cap on the liquid flexible packaging bags, etc. The emergence of new sealing technology, to help consumers without tear any bag head open packaging. In addition, the latest convenience packaging also can realize the automatic heating, direct microwave heating, cooking, cooling, and other functions. Convenience is the important trend of the development of plastic packaging industry in 2016 will be packed around the lightweight, functional thin film, bio-based plastics, mould labeling packaging and convenience to pack the five areas, and they are not independent, but a connected whole.
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