Food packaging inspection items are divided into several categories

by:Kolysen     2020-06-17
The manufacture of food packaging bags, must be strict with the quality of the product during production and inspection, each production link need professionals to strictly control the supervision. Purchaser when making purchasing should also be strict careful check each batch of products, prevent because of a little omission caused great damage. The quality of the food bag of plastic flexible packaging industry, especially the quality of health is directly related to the packaging of food safety, so make sure make the raw materials and additives to meet the requirements of the quality management system. Must improve the packaging industry and national standards and strictly implemented, to strengthen the inspection supervision of food packaging, to prevent unqualified food packaging into the market, strengthen management, to safeguard the healthy development of the flexible packaging industry. Appearance may not have to use the hindrance of bubbles, perforation, water lines, critical reinforcement, plasticizing, fisheye frozen block to prevent disease. Specifications, width, length and thickness deviation are due within a prescribed scope. Physical and mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation at break, is it reflect product in use process along with the ability to stretch, if this is unqualified, in use process food sack prone to rupture, damage phenomenon. Substandard feed bags for food packaging manufacturers and consumers are very bad, for the vast number of consumers, but also to the enterprise's own development and progress, in the production of food packaging manufacturer should be strictly the quality pass, improve the quality of food packaging. 【 Plastic bags 】 【 Aluminum foil bag]
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