Food packaging have what conditions?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
Food packaging have what conditions? Release date: 2019 09 - And a select and use them to regular food packaging bags, we have to be careful of the following: 1. Food packaging outbound is no smell, no peculiar smell, when some special food packaging bags, not the best or not in food packaging. 2. Food sack packing for Chinese characters identification, label factory name and address, product companies, but not in the substantial write used for food on the parts. The products are provided under the commodity inspection certificate. 3. Look for better with food to a large shopping mall, restraint to the street stalls to take money to buy. 4. Some colors of food packaging bags don't still had better not in food packaging. Because of this kind of food packaging is often made of recycling plastic. 5. The characteristics of food packaging is not easy to degrade, has caused environmental pollution, the food shopping, better is the most effective green packaging material. 6. As far as possible the most effective without coating, coating materials. For the packaging design, packaging is to become more beautiful, corrosion resistance, using the attached coating materials. After that you give the product scrap material recycling and reuse brings difficult problems, and most of the paint itself has toxicity, if people eating the packaging of food, have the harm to people body and mind to produce more or less. And in the process of coating, plating process also brings great pollution to working environment. The previous: the advantage of aluminum foil bag packaging to preserve food next article: to tell you about five characteristics of the temperature in the making plastic bags
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