Food packaging film automatically appear bubbles?

by:Kolysen     2021-01-01

about food production technology of automatic packaging film, generally packaging film manufacturers will be familiar, and daily production, hard to avoid can appear a few small bubbles, due to food automatic packaging film composite between two layers of thin films was not fully fit, there are differences between the transparency, so after the two thin film composite due to all sorts of problems appear bubble phenomenon. So, what is the specific cause of food packaging film automatically appear bubbles?

bubble phenomena encountered in the production and what should I do? Generally, the gluing quantity insufficiency, the poor drying, etc all can cause food bubbles automatic packaging film. Glue is enough, for one, because the gluing quantity of food automatic packaging film peel strength and coating have important influence flowing property, when food automatic packaging film composite glue flow is not usual, bubble phenomenon also follows. Whether and how fastidious the gluing quantity enough is a relative concept, in fact for different food automatic packaging film product and packaging requirements, need the gluing quantity is different, not printed food packaging film automatically the gluing quantity are relatively less food automatic packaging film printing. In addition, the material structure of the automatic food packaging film and packing also determines the gluing quantity needed for the purpose of the product. And when the food automatic packaging film drying makes transparent food automatic packaging film manifests itself as 'mist', transparency is poor.

therefore, automatic production of food packaging film or to fully guarantee the dry, and according to the food automatic packaging film film width and the area of the printing ink drying temperature gradient design into account.

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