Face film bags: mainland tourists love to buy sneakers and mask in Taipei

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Mainland tourists to Taiwan set procurement, in addition to the traditional will buy tea, pineapple cakes, latest purchasing goods, is buy sneakers with the mask to ximending district in Taipei. This did not dare to neglect pie, local businesses are drawing up plans to enter the rob food, everywhere busy goods, equipment manufacturers. Reported that ximending of metro exit, six can see dou big mainland & other; Unionpay card & throughout; Simplified Chinese advertising, visible Chinese tourists to Taiwan market is highly concentrated in here. Shenzhen, 'says Ms. Tan to Taiwan first shopping stand, and I was headed to ximending buy shoe brands. She said, ready to several ten thousand yuan ( Nt) To Taiwan, is to buy sneakers with the mask of Taiwan, because Taiwan's market competition is intense, new products constantly, there are a lot of the style of the mainland can't buy. So a lot of friends, all her to buy back. “ Character child & throughout; Hotel manager Huang Zhenxiang feel the same way, from passengers discarded on the packaging of the bags can be found a large box with the mask. Long-term observation of Chinese tourists to travel & other; Mu wen gen throughout &; Manager, even said to Taiwan in the early years of the Chinese tourists, like products related to the kuomintang, and some foreign books, are very interested in. Now born after 1990, is mainly to make track for a star, love mayday and soda green. Tan Zhenzhen said the mainland & other; 11 & throughout; Long vacation is to go to run outside, every spot on the mainland are people mountain people sea, don't go, now in Hong Kong and is packed with tourists, the recent distance is to come to Taiwan to travel. And now apply for Taiwan's personal line is very fast, as long as a few days can batch of down.
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