Dried fruit bag desiccant packaging damaged easily contaminated food

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
Recently, a saying circulated on the Internet: & other; The desiccant in the food and drug is mainly used to absorb the moisture in the air, keep dry and sealed environment. Once opened, you should throw in the dryer, otherwise, it will become a pollution source in the food and drug, on the contrary make medicines and food metamorphism of be affected with damp be affected with damp, breeding ground for bacteria. ” Is this true? Most of the food packaging containing desiccant on March 12, the reporter discovers several supermarkets in the capital city, in the dry jujube, seaweed, snow cake, fish pieces and bags of dried fruit and dessert, put most of them have food desiccant, the desiccant for more transparent powder or granule. Near the chaoyang district in beiyuan jingkelong supermarket, the reporter sees in the dried fruit, put bags of jujube in the transparent packaging have desiccant, desiccant packaging only indicate the & other; Do not eat & throughout; And & other; Efficient deoxidizer & throughout; The words, in addition to this is English. In a snow cake bags, the reporter sees is placed inside a dryer bag slightly larger size, the above indicated for & other; Lime desiccant & throughout; And bearing & other; Do not eat, do not soak and not open bags & throughout; Remind & other wording, such as, in addition to security; If swallowed, entrance into eyes, please wash with water, the clinic to physicians throughout the &; , at the same time, there are three kinds of foreign language identity. Subsequently, the reporter on taobao search & other; Desiccant & throughout; Keywords and search to 1. 370000 baby for sale, desiccant, food category contains chest desiccant, etc. , the price from a few dollars to several dozens yuan. A taobao seller, selling the desiccant main composition is the quick lime, this kind of desiccant dehumidification effect is very good, almost no corrosive. Packaging is not damaged to produce pollution as we have learned, now on the market has a variety of desiccant, component in addition to the common lime, and silica gel and phosphorus pentoxide phosphorus substances. The material is easily contaminated food or medicine? Beijing chaoyang food association, vice President of bao new introduction, used in the food in general is given priority to with quick lime desiccant, desiccant and used in medicine, health products and some high-grade food desiccant general with silica gel in the class. Food desiccant very stable chemical properties, the bags are sealed, as long as the packing damage does not occur, it is difficult to produce secondary pollution. Bao new spring also told reporters that at present the only can be used for drug there is only one kind of desiccant, silica gel desiccant, because the silicone water imbibition is strong, stable chemical properties, react with common things in life less chance of, security is very high. “ Of silica gel desiccant if damaged, transparent small particles in direct contact with air, will produce mildew after be affected with damp be affected with damp, will produce secondary pollution to medicine and food. And quick lime desiccant in the event of damage, the contaminated food have to direct the whole bag away. ” Desiccant should be timely to lose bao new introduction, desiccant packaging in good condition to produce pollution, but the expansion of the desiccant encounter water problems needed to be aware. “ Lime water, dissolve quickly, giving out a lot of heat, cause gas expansion and water, also can produce a certain pressure, when pressure reaches a certain extent, could cause & lsquo; The explosion & rsquo; Reaction. After phosphorus pentoxide under water will also release a lot of heat. The dangers of silica gel is relatively less, but also there is a certain risk, especially the water particles will occur after a slight crack. ” A lot of desiccant there are written on the package & other Do not eat, do not soak and not open bags & throughout; Remind the words, but a lot of consumer are often easy to overlook. Bao spring reminds, either the composition of desiccant, in the final analysis are chemicals. Quick lime desiccant, in particular, it is best to it directly away, don't let children play with.
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