The vacuum packaging of food shelf life long

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Vacuum packing food shelf life long release time: 2018 - 12 - 04 whenever we go to the supermarket to buy food, will pay attention to the shelf life of food is to what time, what is the date of production, we usually choose the recent production of food, shelf life towards the food won't go to choose, then vacuum packaging of food shelf life how long? The packing detailed explain for everybody. How long is shelf life of food vacuum bag? The shelf life of food and the types of food, food vacuum packaging pretreatment: 1, different kinds of food, room temperature storage time after vacuum packing is different. Usually by experience, fresh agricultural food or slightly more production and processing of meat products stored under normal temperature for two days, after vacuum packaging, can also be extended to 6 days, some can be extended to 18 days; Dried fruit class for a long time, even more than 12 months; Cooked foods are short. 2, vacuum packing bag for food in different early treatment, after vacuum packing room temperature storage time is not the same. Application field of vacuum packing: 1, gases, sausage, ham, bacon, control, etc. 2, pickles, preserved vegetable, dried radish, turnip, pickles, etc. 3, soy products, dried beancurd, thing, bean paste and so on. 4, cooked food products: chicken, duck, beef sauce. Fried class and so on. 5, convenience food: rice, instant face wet, prepared food, etc. 6, soft canned: QingShuiSun, fruit sugar water, rice pudding, etc must be - after vacuum packaging Quick-frozen 40 degrees, then - 18 degrees storage environment, can store about three months. If cooked food products added preservatives, the use of vacuum packing usually can also be stored for half a month, if be stored at low temperature can also store 30 days, but if not add preservatives, namely using vacuum packaging and low temperature storage can only store three days, arrived after 3 days, they are much worse taste or smell. Some products will write on the packing bag keep period 45 days and even the two months, I think it is for into the large supermarket. Because of the large supermarkets have a requirement, shelf life than one third of the whole can't receiving, exceed half will be cleared out, more than two-thirds will return. Food vacuum bag if not sterilization, basically won't prolong shelf life of cooked meat products. Because, marked moisture is very big, and nutrient enrichment, easy to breed bacteria, but sometimes after vacuum encapsulation rate accelerated the corruption of some food. But if after vacuum encapsulation, adopts the sterilization measures, accordance with the requirements of different sterilization, shelf-life from 15 days to 360 days are different. Such as dairy products, after about vacuum encapsulation of microwave sterilization, 15 days can be safely under normal temperature storage, smoked chicken products vacuum packaging after high temperature sterilization, 6 - can be stored 12 months, or even longer. After the application of vacuum packaging products will have germs multiply, so be sure to do sterilization, sterilization can be several forms, some cooked food sterilization temperature is don't need more than 100 degrees, you can select pasteurization line, if more than 100 degrees, you can choose high temperature and high pressure autoclave sterilization. Of course not the same product you need to develop different sterilization technology. Packaging the guarantee period of the said product popularization point these no sure time validity, the key is see what food packaging bags, through what process. In general vacuum packing the shortest is about three months, long can reach 6 months. Because of the guarantee period of the ingredients is a packaged, time is too long, can endanger the nutrition and taste of food. Vacuum packing is also called the decompression, it is pulled out all the sealing of air inside the container and keep the bag in the relatively high stress state, the scarce of low oxygen air, make no microorganisms living conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of fruit fresh, disease-free corrosion occurs. A: what are the classification of the self-supporting zipper bag next article: laundry detergent bags customized _ laundry detergent bags production process
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