The use of aluminum foil bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
The use of aluminum foil bags advantage release date: 2019 - 08 - 151. Shell maintenance: shell can make food with oxygen, water vapor, stains from isolation, such as seepage prevention is also the requirements of packaging design elements. Some packaging include dry agent or deoxidizer used to extend shelf life. Vacuum packaging or to food packaging is the primary way to the air in the bag. Keep food in the warranty period is clean, novelty and peace is the first function of packaging. 2. Physical maintenance: hide within the packaging of food storage requirements to prevent extrusion, collision, vibration, temperature, etc. 3. Encapsulation or into the same package: the same breed of small objects into a package is a good way to throttle the volume. Powder and granular objects encapsulate the demand. 4. Message: packing and label to inform people or food intended use, transport, take over or disposal. 5. Safety: packing can carry on the main effect in the cut transportation safe risk. Bags can also prevent the food to other goods. Food packaging also can be eaten it can lower food. Some food packaging is very strong and has the anti-counterfeiting mark, the effect is to maintain business benefits from damage. Packaging can have on the laser logo, special color, SMS certification labels, etc. Other retailers to prevent theft, with electronic monitoring label on food packaging bags, such as the export of consumers to shop for demagnetization. 6. Marketing: use packaging label latent buyers to purchase goods. Packaging design for decades has become a kind of insignificant and transform from time to time. And marketing communication and graphic design used in outer packing box ( Based on some reason) He show bright spot. 7. Lunch: packaging can have easy to acquire, handling, stacking, display, sell, open, reshipment, use and apply again. A: under the action of a giant aluminum foil bag: packaging food sack of manufacturer to tell you how to solve
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