The latest packaging development trend abroad: green packaging into a hot spot

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Paper packaging is one of the people of green packaging, has many advantages in saving energy, saving resources,. In the context of the international market, food paper packaging time has come. Abroad at present, the paper industry development trend analysis of paper printing technology development presents the following new features: single material to develop in the direction of multilayer material; Offset printing, gravure, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing methods coexist and flexo printing will be the fastest growing; Sheet-fed to develop in the direction of paper rolls, single machine to online production; All kinds of related to integrated application of new technology ( Such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, etc. ) Constantly optimize the whole production system. Is the development trend of foreign paper container: a forming mold of paper container will gradually take the place of die cutting composite paper container now; Deep plastic coated technology gradually replace the old wax; Compound technology of paper container development skills; CAD and CAM system will make the paper container design and shorten the manufacturing cycle. In addition, the paper products packaging focus on developing low gram, high-grade paper Gao Qianghua, lightweight, standardization, seriation, many varieties, more than base material, multi-purpose target. Japan launched new glass paper packaging industry rapid development in recent years, as an absence of packaging also ushered in the broad market. At the same time, people's demands of diversification, also put forward higher requirements for packaging market. Recently, the Japanese company launched a new type of glass packaging, can prolong the shelf life of fresh food. A Japanese company launched a new type of glass packaging, used for packing of fruit, vegetables, fresh food, can their maturation process, extend shelf life 2 times. The pt surface coated with a layer of special chemicals, called the juniper alcohol, this kind of material can cause of fruits, vegetables, mature ethylene enzymes activities, so as to extend its freshness. Use, this paper not only makes it easy to long distance transportation of this kind of food, the loss of college students, at the same time reducing the volume of preservatives, reduce the cost. Glass packaging industry development trend analysis of glass packaging industry abroad paper containers and plastic bottles and other new packaging materials in order to compete with container, glass bottles production enterprises in the developed countries has been committed to make our products more reliable quality, appearance is more beautiful, lower cost, price cheaper. Abroad in order to achieve these goals, the development trend of glass packaging industry is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the use of advanced energy saving technology to save energy, improve the quality of melt, prolong furnace can be is another way to increase the amount of broken glass, and abroad reached 60% for the amount of broken glass & ndash; 70%. The ideal is to use 100% of the broken glass, implementation & other; Ecological & throughout; The goal of glass production. Bottles lightweight in Europe and the United States, and other developed countries, light volumetric flask is main products of the glass bottles. Obedand company production of glass bottles, 80% are lightweight disposable bottle. Accurate control of raw material composition, melting the whole process of precise control, small mouth blowing technology ( NNPB) Spray, bottles of cold and hot side, online testing and other advanced technology, is the basis of realizing the light bottles. Some countries are developing new bottles surface strengthening technology, trying to further reduce the weight of bottles. Improve labor productivity, improve the labor productivity of glass bottle manufacturing is the key to how to improve the glass molding speed. At present, a lot of developed countries generally adopted method is to choose group, the more drops of material forming machine. Large kiln with high-speed molding machine matching, must have the ability to place a large number of stable supply of high quality glass, temperature and viscosity of gob to accord with the requirement of optimum molding conditions. To this end, you have to be very stable raw material composition, the glass bottle production enterprises of developed countries use the standardization of refined raw materials are mostly provided by the special raw material production enterprises. Melted quality kiln thermal parameter to the digital control system, realize the whole process of the optimal control. Improve production concentration in order to adapt to other new packaging products challenge of glass packaging industry caused by severe competition, a large number of glass packaging production enterprises began to merger and reorganization, improve the concentration degree of the glass container industry, in order to optimize the allocation of resources, improve the economies of scale, reduce the disorderly competition, enhance the capacity of development, it has become a trend in the world of glass packaging industry. Future of circular economy is expected to become the main mode of packaging industry, packaging waste recycling utilization of resources, will implement the industrialization and green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and development base, packaging industry will also speed up the development.
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