The difference between the aluminium film bag and woven bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
Plastic woven bag with plastic film bag products are often used, today to introduce the difference between the two: plastic raw materials for plastic vest bag of polyethylene film bag. Plastic bags do bring the convenience to our life, but the same convenience bring lasting harm. According to production raw material classification: high pressure polyethylene plastic bags, low pressure polyethylene plastic bags, pp bags, PVC bags, etc. According to the shape classification: vest bag, straight tube bag. Sealing bag, glue bag, special-shaped bag, etc. Features: light bag weight above 1 kg; Medium-sized bag weight 1 - 10公斤; 10 - load heavy bag 30kg; More than 1000 kg bag container load. Plastic woven bag plastic woven bag as main material for pp bag, PE bag; According to the seam sewing method is divided into bottom bag, hemming bottom bag. Currently widely used in fertilizer, chemical products and other items of a packaging material. The main production process is the use of plastic raw material by extrusion film, cutting, uniaxial tensile as flat wire, after warp/weft knitting products, commonly known as woven bag. Features: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, after joining plastic film inner lining, is moistureproof prevent wet; Light bag weight in 2. Below 5 kg, medium-sized bag weight in 25 Heavy bags, 50 kg load - 50 100kg。
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