The classification of common composite bags wholesale and USES

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
Everyday we often use compound bags wholesale, compound bag, just as its name implies is refers to the material is not a single, there are two or several kinds of composite material of the bag. Then they are divided into which a few kinds, every kind of and what are the characteristics? Let me tell you 1, BOPP/LLDPE double-layer compound bag of this kind of material is characterized by cold, resistant to moisture, resistant to low temperature, strong tension. This kind of compound bag is mainly used for snacks, instant noodles, frozen dim sum, powder packaging 2, BOPP/CPP characteristics of two layers of compound bag of this kind of material is resistant to moisture, good stiffness, oil, high transparency. This kind of compound bag is mainly used in instant noodles, candy, biscuits and other light food. 3, BOPP/VMCPP, double characteristics of compound bag is resistant to moisture, shading, oxygen insulation, good stiffness, oil resistant. This kind of compound bag is mainly used for dry food packaging, potato chips, etc. 4, BOPP/VMPET/LLDPE three layer composite bag of this composite features, moistureproof, shading, oxygen. This kind of compound bag for metric snacks, such as rice dumplings. 5, PET/CPP two layers of compound, the compound bag is characterized by high temperature resistant, moistureproof, incense, oxygen. This kind of compound bag is mainly used for cooking foods containing alcohol. 6, PET/PET/CPP three-layer composite this bag manufacturer is characterized by high temperature, resistant to moisture, easy to seal. This compound bag is mainly used in liquid packaging.
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