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by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
For the customer used the spot bags, the packing bag of custom classes process is relatively complex, for the first time to do the bag unavoidably have no idea, the process is not very clear, thus increasing the difficulty of communication. To introduce the following process about custom red jujube packaging bags. 1. Confirm the size, if the product specification is constant, the packing bag of can draw lessons from the spot size. If you want to adjust specifications, can according to the sample bag or determine the side after long by multiply or divide by zero. 6 ~ 0. Values, between 7 to determine ( Length, width and height) 。 2. Design, has the size after we will start to make the design documents, design of main details, pay attention to the position of the reserved position, zipper bag sealing side, the position of the window, and avoid the late design documents to the bag factory, changes relatively large deviation from the original design style. 3. Confirm the printing material, material can be divided into the inner material ( Heat sealing layer) , middle layer and outer layer and inner layer material mainly composed of PE, CPP, middle layer has a PET, PET aluminum plating, aluminum foil, nylon and so on, the outer has bright BOPP film and BOPP film, also can remove the middle layer directly inside and outside combination. 4. Confirm printing, packaging printing with UV, bronzing, hot silver, wash aluminum, fenestration, red jujube packaging window technology is more, do you usually do to increase the visual impact product on the shelf, enhance competitiveness, to stimulate consumers to promote consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. Questions about the process to view the common food packaging technology and special materials is introduced. '5. Proofing, proofing is divided into two kinds, one is the manual sample, basically be to see effect, can't bearing. Second, physical samples, physical sample is production big cargo before commissioning products, mainly used in the color and check the printing content is clear or not. 6. Confirmation document production, the product color, printing content after confirmed can batch production big goods. 7. Delivery of the goods.
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