Plastic bag quality how to distinguish?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-15
Plastic bag in our normal life, plays an important role, and brought great convenience for our daily use, and in the market circulation of the plastic bag, quality is uneven, that how to identify these qualities plastic bag? By the below small make up to you to explain in detail: a, observation and touch general supermarket plastic bag is milky white or transparent color, smooth texture, in the market or small booth, use plastic portable color is various, feel is poor, work is coarser, the use of words, can only be a one-off, if the plastic bag for food, can cause secondary pollution, produce toxic substances, harm to health. Second, through strictly, smell in circulation of the plastic bag can have strict standards and requirements, but some bad vendors in order to save cost, can choose waste materials for processing production, shoddy, but the plastic bag shape is similar, but by smell, there will be a pungent smell, let a person cannot be used. Three, relatively speaking, the thickness of the regular manufacturers of plastic bag is good, quality guaranteed, and can be recycled, inferior plastic bag, production is not up to standard, the indicators to cut corners, it is easy to split, affect the normal use. The above is to identify the method of plastic bag, choose plastic bag, must choose normal manufacturer, with qualified materials, products can be guaranteed. In use process, also should have environmental protection consciousness, to take care of our environment.
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