How to pick the food bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
The unqualified food sack can produce toxic or harmful substances, affect the food quality and safety. This tip, we use food packaging bags, make sure to choose the food bags are qualified products. Analyze the data, the current food bag is most often used plastic bags. All kinds of raw materials, intrusive, shape of different plastic bags, have been used as a food packaging. All plastic bags can be used for packing food, they are safe? Just a little bit careful attention, can be found around us there are some big or small plastic bags, suggesting that are closely related to the livelihood of our plastic bags, but the recent statistics let consumers worried about the quality of the plastic bags around. In some of the farmers' markets, small restaurant, restaurant next to the snack bar to see, many are directly with plastic bags of food, industrial and commercial department prompt consumers to use these plastic bags to sedate, due to the unqualified plastic bags with polyvinyl chloride (mostly PVC) Material, acid, high oil material and high temperature environment simple release toxic ingredients. Unqualified plastic bags can't be as food bag put into use. Especially bright plastic bags are the bags are not suitable for used as breakfast. In some files to see the breakfast, just the Fried dough sticks, hot steamed vermicelli roll is directly into the bright plastic bags, some barbecue party in the evening is directly put the meat into the plastic bags inside. It is understood that the current on the market sell lit primary points of PVC plastic bags ( PVC) And polyethylene ( PE) Two, polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Raw material of plastic bags cannot be used for wrapping food.
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