How to distinguish between high quality low prices compound bag!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
Now the standard of people, for the quality problems of our lives requirement is also very attentively. For example on food packaging that can cause people's attention very much. Purchase and use in accordance with the compound bag, must pay attention to us the following points: 1. Compound bag factory when no smell, no peculiar smell, some special odor compound bag, don't because of security concerns not used in food packaging is best. 2. Compound bag packaging must have logo, there should be written above the producer name and address, product enterprise full name, not handsome this site has written & other; Used for food & throughout; With the words. Products are provided under the factory products inspection certificates. 3. Choose a food is the most effective to the store to buy, no street stalls to spend some money. 4. Some like compound bag for security reasons the best or not in food packaging. Because of such a state of compound bag is usually made use of recycling paper. 5. Because of the characteristics of compound bag is not easy to degrade, environmental pollution, to this, food shopping, the most effective fine green packaging material. 6. Well without coating, coating materials as much as possible. Now in the packaging design, the purpose is to become the packing get beautiful, corrosion resistance, using the attached coating materials. After you it is not just the product scrap material recycling, and reuse has caused difficulties in great quantities, the second most coating itself has toxicity, if people eating the packaging of food, to produce more or less harm people body and mind. Second, plating coating on the way also brings great pollution to environment and equipment. Generated when the volatile solvent toxic gases such as coating, electroplating heavy metal waste liquid and waste residue containing chromium pollution, etc. Therefore, we should choose as far as possible without coating, coating of packaging materials. Several aspects mentioned above is our company for our compound bag when the choose and buy should pay attention to the aspects of description, you when buying food with plastic packaging bags and can refer to buy high quality low price of compound bag.
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