How to classification packaging manufacturer of compound food bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Now people's life has been inseparable from the compound food bag, food bag, market demand is becoming more and more big, packaging manufacturers today with everybody to know about the classification of compound food bag: a, according to the compound form points: single plastic packaging bags and composite plastic packaging bags. Single plastic bags with PE. Plastic film is given priority to, also has a hot sealing of BOPP. The characteristics of single layer plastic bags: 1) Cheap, 2) 3) use table printing process More is to use benzene solvent ink 4) Because as for printing ink layer surface, relative intaglio printing composite plastic packaging bags, easy to rub off. 5) Used in the clothing bags, and ordinary food packaging 6) Belongs to the low end of the packaging. The characteristics of the plastic bags: 1) Prices are relatively single plastic bags to your 2) The images of intaglio printing. 3) Due to no benzene ketone in the implementation of the domestic, more and more manufacturers adopt existing without benzene ketone ink, but there are some manufacturers to reduce costs, is still in the benzene solvent ink, 4) Due to its use gravure printing, printing ink in the printing layer inside, and then in a composite, so as not to cause color due to problems such as friction, oxidation bleaching, than single plastic table printing, lasting a lot. 5) Composite plastic packaging a wide range of applications, the food industry, chemical industry, daily necessities, etc. , used in the fine print, and function with increased, more and more widely used. 6) Belong to the high-end packaging.
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