How to choose the vacuum food packaging bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
In daily life, vacuum food packaging can be seen everywhere, this kind of packaging on the choice of material also has certain requirements, today, to share with you about, we should how to select the vacuum packing bags of food.

1, the common vacuum bag is the single layer material, this bag can be pumping air into vacuum state, but the breakage of vacuum and air leakage rate is relatively high, but the cost is relatively low, many businesses to reduce costs will choose the packing bag of single-layer material used as a vacuum bag. And there's a double composite materials, the material is relatively strong, and as a vacuum packing will not leak, so the double vacuum bag of material is relatively good.

2, used for packaging different food vacuum bag should choose different material properties, such as product heavier suggest choose thick materials, products lighter can use thinner materials for packaging, of course, the material is thick, the higher the price is sure. Some particularity such as pickled vegetables containing high salt food, should choose acid-proof alkaline materials to packaging, the packing bag of different foods to choose it for.

above is for everyone to share, you can when to order bags, with manufacturer to illustrate the purpose of the bag, what product features, knowing these can make a suitable product packaging bags, such ability can avoid using the wrong bags, through the introductions of vacuum food packaging bags, you know? There are other problems welcome contact at any time.

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