Food packaging material analysis -- Packaging printing

by:Kolysen     2020-06-22
Used in food plastic packaging must have appropriate barrier property, such as oxygen demand high resistance and resistance oily grease food, dry food demands high resistance to wet, aromatic odor food demands high resistance; Fruits, vegetables, fresh food and packaging have certain requirements of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour permeability. 【 Packaging printing 】 So, food packaging bags have good mechanical properties, mainly including the tensile strength, tear resistance, impact resistance, etc. ; Good chemical stability and should not be within and no chemical reaction occurred in the food to ensure food safety. In addition, plastic food packaging have high temperature resistance, is suitable for the high temperature disinfection food and low temperature storage, etc. Therefore, the rapid development of food industry has been to the chemical industry, especially food plastic products industry put forward new task. This is to improve the existing plastic performance, develop new varieties of vacuum bag, can improve its strength and barrier property, and reduce the dosage, but also facilitate reuse, recycling, in order to protect the environment.
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