Food packaging market need plastic filler masterbatch plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
The rapid development of current packaging industry output value, reveal the packaging industry great prospects for development. Our country is the world's largest fruit and vegetable production and sales of power, about 30% of fruit during storage, transportation, sales loss, including improper packing important reason, in the fierce competition in the market condition, the role of packaging is more and more important. At present, polyethylene film and polypropylene film is fresh fruits and vegetables the most widely used packaging materials. The global demand for plastic bags to 6 per year. Market demand is growing at 2%, to 2018 gross will amount to 37. 3 billion dollars. This value increase is caused by the consumers and producers of traditional consumption preference, market to more traditional forms of plastic packaging, it is a kind of market consumption inertia. In market expansion, the rapid expansion of China and other developing countries, the expansion of production scale and market demand of packet rising trend present complementary to each other. , according to a report in 2018, the market expected income is the highest in the asia-pacific region. Food packaging ( Especially in beverage packaging) Will be two main poles and pharmaceutical packaging. Portable degree and the packaging design feeling increasingly also impelled the market demand, in the developed countries in Japan and South Korea, for example, packaging consumer base stability; Highly industrialized regions in central and South America, for example, packing demand continued steady growth; The most sophisticated packaging market in North America and Western Europe, for example, demand rise more than expected rate; Have to mention the most potential packaging markets including China, Thailand and India, animating the whole packaging market strong demand degrees of productivity. Some mature market has begun to accept and pop the packing bag of higher performance, such as the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Japan, they also support in dollar terms in the deal. In development outlook, stand-up bags will be the most demand growth potential. Although flat bags will continue to occupy the vast majority of market share, but people began to gradually tend to this & other; Vertical & throughout; Packaging, especially in the packing of the mentioned above in the mature markets. Lightweight is the development trend of plastic packaging bags, supplies and transportation of light load results in lower cost and can meet the demands of the interests of producers. The packing bag of lightweight also brought a new consumption trend of environmental protection and convenience, is gradually to praise highly. Packaging industry development trend from the simple packing to innovation, as the economy and consumption has increased, packaging is no longer a simple products. Businesses and consumers to judge the quality of the packaging, material, quality design are improved. In North America and Western Europe plastic bags have very high utilization rate, product structure change packaging demand will continue to support these areas continues to grow.
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