Food packaging design

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Food packaging design release date: 2018 - 05 - 04 food packaging design, how to design? First we know what is food packaging bags, food bags is direct contact with food, for food, and protection of food packaging film, usually food packaging bags by two or more than two layers of composite membrane materials and packaging. Food packaging bags can make food reduced damage during transport, and each style of food packaging bags, different kinds, can be very convenient to other goods. So, why should we for food packaging design? Now people solve the problem of food and clothing, living standard is increasing day by day, people also more and more high, accordingly to the requirement of other here also include food packaging design, design good or bad, the serious influence the customer to the product purchase desire. A good bag, regardless of the true colors, or in the design above, to be able to seize the consumers want something inside, more able to meet the needs of customers, greatly increase the customer's purchase desire, therefore, food packaging design is very important for food packaging industry. Food packaging design mainly around which points to carry on the design, let's simple descriptions. A, food packaging design packaging design is according to the product selection, design. Such as jujube bags, packing bags of jujube is necessarily around big jujube theme for packaging, here we can think of is the color of jujube, red, and the shape of the jujube: oval. Through these two dimensions, we can qualitatively packaging color, pictures, packaging mainly in red color, pictures choose delicate jujube pattern on the bag front central part. This is the perfect solution to the problem of food packaging designs. Second, the text on the food packaging food packaging words, such as logo, can highlight the product introduction and as far as possible, according to enlarge and design a good font, let customers can see the bags at the first glance. Product information, manufacturer information, etc. , should be strictly checked to avoid the possibility of error. Three mark, food packaging food packaging including the combination of graphics, text, Numbers here. Packing mark is mainly composed of shipping marks, warning signs and indicative mark of three kind of sign. That is the importance of packaging design, how to design better packaging. Design packaging product selection, here has a professional design team, provide a lot of food packaging design pictures, material, appreciation, welcome to come to consult! A: no next article: the application of aluminum foil bag
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