Food packaging bags three use erroneous zone, you shot?

by:Kolysen     2021-03-07
Now food packaging are not uncommon in the weekdays, sort is various, purpose is the same. So want you to understand for the use of food packaging bags? We have analyzed using food packaging bags have misunderstanding, today small make up to you to summarize the food packaging use three basic error, helps us to correct use of food packaging. The first big mistake: food packaging bags, the better the more thick, the strong strong food bags must be good? Actually not like that, bags have strict production standards, especially used in food packaging bags, must choose normal manufacturer production, with related department for examination and approval of qualified products. You can see the bags is clean to the light. Qualified food packing bag is very clean, without impurities, while the inferior will see dirty point and impurities. Food sack single thickness must be zero. More than 025 mm. Second myth: food packaging bags to choose colorful colorful while the color is a lot of more phyletic, but when we choose to be cautious, if only for the packing bag of items, from the consideration on the color, must choose color is simple, so at least it fewer additives. Third myth: food packaging bags to reuse a lot of people have the habit of storage of waste food sack, in fact, this kind of behavior is ok, we can use the old bag of rubbish and so on. But don't do the waste plastic bags used for food contact, it will produce chronic damage to our health. We can use almost every day all kinds of bags, hope you don't when choosing food packaging bags into the erroneous zone.
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