Three major harm of food plastic packaging plastic bags!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Even since 2008, plastic limit, now use the people still have a lot of plastic bags. The use of plastic bags do bring many convenience to our life, but the long-term use of plastic bags will cause harm. What are the dangers of plastic bags on the environment? According to introducing, plastic bags from production to processing, the whole process will cause a lot of resources, as well as the pollution to the environment. It is understood that each natural decomposition of plastic bags need to be more than two hundred years, will pollute the surrounding land and water quality, and cost of power more amazing when processing. Now, people use of disposable plastic bags are made with polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the raw material and some of them also containing plasticizers, phthalic acid ester, such as environmental hormones, in case of high temperature will react, thus produce harmful substances, phthalic acid ester on reproductive health and immune function of human body has the serious influence. Long-term consumption of the plastic bag hot food, can not underestimate the harm to human body health. Plastic bags mainly has three big harm to the society: one is harm to agriculture. Waste plastics products mix accumulating in the soil, will affect the crops absorb nutrients and moisture, cause of agricultural production. The second is the harm to animals. Abandoned on land or in water waste plastics products, swallowed by animals as food, killing animals. 3 it is harm to the environment. Waste plastics with landfill will not only take up a lot of land, and occupied land restoration for a long time, influence the sustainable utilization of land. And plastic bags with oil as raw material, not only consume large amounts of resources, also cannot decompose underground may pollute the land, the river. In addition, the plastic bag itself can release harmful gases. After especially cooked food, packed in plastic bags, often goes bad. Bad food especially impact on children's healthy development.
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