The quality of the compound bag zipper detection method

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
Compound bag zipper with good barrier property, heat sealing, moisture resistance, and acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, and is widely used in food packaging. Along with the people of soft packing compound bag zipper quality requirements is increasing day by day, packaging enterprises in the quality of soft packing compound bag zipper testing is becoming more and more attention. Appearance visual inspection including compound bag zipper flatness, check of transparency and so on. Compound bag zipper is mainly used for the detection of with and without obvious scratch and pinhole, pincer-like device has no pollution, etc. Aim the central compound bag zipper placed the hand, 40 w fluorescent lamp gently shaking, through the reflection on the surface of the compound bag zipper, can be clearly found that the compound bag zipper are there any scratches or marks on the surface, the industry is often referred to as & other; Bag surface drawing & throughout; 。 If drawing serious according to the actual situation, to find the problems, will affect the fell to the lowest point, to ensure product quality. Through the observation we found that the phenomenon of drawing are mostly caused by bag making machine lead guide roller not clean, so make sure guide roller clean. In addition, the guide roll don't turn the same compound bag zipper causes drawing of failure. Guide roll is not the cause of the rotation is caused by lack of oil bearing, so good lubrication is the basic condition of bearing rotation. Compound bag zipper is mainly used in chemical, food, medicine, tea, high pure metal, original device of electron, precision instruments, large machines and vacuum packaging of national defence highly sophisticated products or general packaging.
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